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TF Cybertronians page 18 ink by shatteredglasscomic TF Cybertronians page 18 ink :iconshatteredglasscomic:shatteredglasscomic 7 0 TF Cybertronians page 18 color by shatteredglasscomic TF Cybertronians page 18 color :iconshatteredglasscomic:shatteredglasscomic 6 0 TF Cybertronians page 18 by shatteredglasscomic TF Cybertronians page 18 :iconshatteredglasscomic:shatteredglasscomic 13 0 TF Cybertronians page 17 pencil by shatteredglasscomic TF Cybertronians page 17 pencil :iconshatteredglasscomic:shatteredglasscomic 12 0 TF Cybertronians page 17 color by shatteredglasscomic TF Cybertronians page 17 color :iconshatteredglasscomic:shatteredglasscomic 12 0 TF Cybertronians page 17 by shatteredglasscomic TF Cybertronians page 17 :iconshatteredglasscomic:shatteredglasscomic 25 2 Two Worlds Chapter 2 page 2 by shatteredglasscomic Two Worlds Chapter 2 page 2 :iconshatteredglasscomic:shatteredglasscomic 2 0 Two Worlds Chapter 2 page 1 by shatteredglasscomic Two Worlds Chapter 2 page 1 :iconshatteredglasscomic:shatteredglasscomic 2 0
Two Worlds script Chapter 8
Two worlds
Chapter eight
Page 1.
Panel 1. Veriél is standing in the bushes.
Veriél: What? I was falling. Fighting.
Panel 2. She pushes some small branches aside.
Panel 3. Surprised she sees her younger self with a crossbow and a sword in her hand. Behind the younger self is the maran.
Veriél: Gods. This moment. I…
Panel 4. She puts some other branches aside. Her eyes are smaller. She hear voices.
Caption: Them.
SFX: some babble.
Panel 5. She sees two men fighting with swords. One of them is her father Raldel.
Caption: Dad. He fought with a copper (police-officer) called Curaroy Woereg. He was a honorable man.
Panel 6. Now they just talk, their swords in their hands besides their body.
Raldel: Sorry, I don't have time for this. There are lives at stake.
Caption: I didn't know at that time he was my father.
Page 2.
Panel 1. She sees her younger self coming out of the bushes. She points her crossbow towards Curaroy.
Younger Veriél: No, he's not. Put that sword do
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Two Worlds script Chapter 7
Two worlds
Chapter seven
Page 1.
A strong hand stopped him,
his face a mask of intense grief.
He opened his mouth,
but stayed silent.
It was wrong, his eyes spoke.
Panel 1. We see the room with everyone in it. The eyes and body of Mujama still glowing bright. She looks at Strap, almost touching his face.
Mujama: I'm so sorry for what I've done to you when we met. But I believe it happened for a reason, which I'm starting to understand now. I've learned and evolved.
Panel 2. She looks at Veriél.
Mujama: I will make everything right again.
Panel 3. We see Strap and Odista. Disorientated they look around. It's Earth. We're in a Dutch village. People are passing by. It's a street where people are shopping. (you can look up on the internet).
Strap: Om my god. It's… my birthplace.
Panel 4. Odista looks to the cars which are passing by. She points to it. Cars from the seventies. The person in the car looks very surprised at Strap.
Odista: That's an old Volkswagen. I loved that one,
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Two Worlds script Chapter 6
- Two worlds
Chapter six
Page 1.
Warriors have fought.
Blood for freedom.
There is no mercy in the hunt.
Our destiny is to be reborn.
Panel 1.
We see Mimic on his dragon looking down. Next to him is Sonro flying, on his dragon. Below them we five Taskeons with men on them. They have a more grey/green skin. This is a big panel. Sonro is looking around him.
Mimic: Something's off. They were already on the run before they noticed us.
Sonro: At seven o'clock there's unusual movement. I think I saw, just for a moment, several shuttles.
Caption: - Somewhere along our road we've been calling ourselves the dragonriders. A name that started as a joke, made by Mimic.
- But the name stayed and became known among the people.
- We save, destroy and create… fight.
- Sometimes we even go off-world, like Terra or other planets. But life here, on Ecari, is extraordinary.
- But I don't show that. I'm "boring" according Mimic.
- I call it focus.  
Page 2.
Panel 1. Sonro sees the cloaked shuttl
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Two Worlds script Chapter 5
Two worlds
Chapter five
Page 1.
We  go round, round, round.
Never return, forever arrive.
Panel 1. It's night. But there's many light from lamps, the moon, lights from windows. So much detail. We're in a the mountains, sort-off. Imagine huge, very huge stalagmites. There are trees growing on it and on top of those rocks, and besides it, there are houses build on it, or "grown" by magic. So many houses are made of that rock. We see stone bridges between all those huge stalagmites. Dragons and taskeons, with people on it, are flying in between and above them. This panel is for one page.
This is, is viewed from the back of Ason. We see his face on the left of the panel. He's inside a cockpit, his hand on the joystick and the other hand pushing a button. He's flying an one-man shuttle.
Asón: How many bad guys, unit four?
Voice intercom: Five in the first room and in each other room approximately 2 or 3, commander Parrox. In total, we'll encounter 22 people.
Asón: How about t
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Two Worlds script Chapter 4
Two worlds
Chapter four
Text: Wout jut
The heavens have fallen.
The wind jerks to my wings.
The earth trembles beneath my feet.
Page  1. panel 1. A high terrifying scream goes through the night A man called Mellis reacts shocked. He was busy with searched branches. He’s an ecarian, standing on the foot of a hill. But not with the camouflage on his skin. He’s not from the forest. A half, light-blue moon is shining. He wears farmer clothes. A t-shirt, so the night is warm.
Caption: I have known war, and I have seen too many. People can be so cruel. So… heartless. Living in peace is an illusion.
panel 2. He runs on the hill going up, frightened of what to see.
Caption: Why in hell are they screaming? Probably just a needle in a finger, or a fight.
Panel 3. What he sees is terrifying and makes his blood boiling. There are soldiers. Three are holding the children and one is raping, or trying too, the wife of Mellis. The children are very scared. Those are the children
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Two Worlds script Chapter 3
Two Worlds
Chapter three.
Page 1.
Caption: The answers to our questions are all around us. Most of us are not aware.
Panel 1. We see a young Mujama dancing in a disco. She's 17 years old, almost 18. There are many other Ecarians and elves. She has the time of her life. Next to her is a romantically involved boy dancing, called Brine. Another guy is approaching, with four drinks on a plate.  His name is Coops, romantically involved (not for long anymore in the very near future). Next to Mujama is a girl dancing, also romantically involved with Mujama. Her name is Byrne.
- SFX: Lyrics of a song with musical notes. "Birds are calling my name, friends will remain. I can hear the pulse of your heart. Forever, never lost.
- Caption 1: The Past.
- Caption 2: Does every story needs to have a proper beginning, middle and end?
I think my story begins right here, if I had to pick one.
Panel 2. Coops is trying to get their attention by talking very loud. The girls are totally into the music,
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Two Worlds script Chapter 2
Two Worlds
Chapter Two.
Page 1.
Panel 1. Strap is playing a ball game with his oldest daughter. She's 11 years old. This takes place around a week later in issue 1. You can use the setting of the photo below. Of course, different clothes. They have both t-shirt and short trousers. On the back, you see trees. And of course the girl is a little higher.
Caption: Five months ago.
- Strap: Oh, you think you can catch this ball again, little smart-pants? Do you?
Her face is like she thinks: What he's going to do next? She's skinny.
-  Lesia: Hi, hi. Yes, because you can't throw.
Panel 2. Strap is throwing the ball over the edge of  cliff. Lesia is looking very glad, like she's got the biggest present ever. In the air you see big birds and some dragons flying.
Strap is smiling a mean smile.
- Strap: Well. There's a first time for everything.
Panel 3. Lesia is looking down. We also see how enormous deep it is. Strap is talking to her. T
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Two Worlds script Chapter 1
Two Worlds
Chapter one.
Script: Wout Jut Artists: Sylvia /Simone
Cover: You see Strap sitting on the ground, watching Mujama hidden against the wall. It looks very sad.  
Caption.  Give a shepherd five sheep  and he is happy.
Do you give him twenty sheep, then give him a dog.
Page 1.
Caption: The recent past.
Panel 1. They live in an apartment inside a HUGE tree. You see two Ecarians, waking up next to each other in bed. Their names are Strap and Selena. The bed is of wood. Everything is of wood. The floor is of wood. The alarmclock which goes off is an old-fashion one.  You know, round with those round things on it. The blanket they sleep under has a drawing of a tree. Both Ecari are around 35-40 years old. Both dark, hair. The hair of Selena is not very long, but it covers the ears. Their skin is green, different colors. They look very similiar to elves (they are related).
- Caption: Every day starts the sam
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Frenzy page1 by danbrenus Frenzy page1 :icondanbrenus:danbrenus 5 2 {Infinity War SPOILER} I'm sorry. by eighthSun {Infinity War SPOILER} I'm sorry. :iconeighthsun:eighthSun 1,867 328 classics prime lineart by beamer classics prime lineart :iconbeamer:beamer 269 97 cybertron override by beamer cybertron override :iconbeamer:beamer 217 93 Basic anatomy - 60th pack by Precia-T Basic anatomy - 60th pack :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 1,487 11 Destruction of Lithone by JoeTeanby Destruction of Lithone :iconjoeteanby:JoeTeanby 21 20 The War Within - Primus Design by dcjosh The War Within - Primus Design :icondcjosh:dcjosh 183 60 Optimus Prime of War Within by velveteen2006 Optimus Prime of War Within :iconvelveteen2006:velveteen2006 233 21 Ahri League of Legends by BlondynkiTezGraja Ahri League of Legends :iconblondynkitezgraja:BlondynkiTezGraja 458 12 ARMARAUDERS: Issue #2 - Page 18 by EnricoGalli ARMARAUDERS: Issue #2 - Page 18 :iconenricogalli:EnricoGalli 15 1 SG Rodimus and SG Elita-One by zibanitu6969 SG Rodimus and SG Elita-One :iconzibanitu6969:zibanitu6969 510 70 Mechanical Predators by dcjosh Mechanical Predators :icondcjosh:dcjosh 52 31 GuardianOdin TWW Prime by dcjosh GuardianOdin TWW Prime :icondcjosh:dcjosh 158 32 Dreamwave Colors Test Page by dcjosh Dreamwave Colors Test Page :icondcjosh:dcjosh 23 17 Arrival From Cybertron by PAXCYBERTRONIA Arrival From Cybertron :iconpaxcybertronia:PAXCYBERTRONIA 5 1

Who's the girl, next to Spider-Sinister? 

6 deviants said Annie May Parker, the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane.
4 deviants said The daughter of Loki.
2 deviants said Random girl. Spider-Sinister is going to eat her!!
2 deviants said Doom in disguise.
2 deviants said Young Mary Jane.
1 deviant said My mother?




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

This time, I've draw the page. You will probably recognize the big panel. I redraw this from a page from MTMTE. I used a page from Alex Milne as an example, redraw this, made the scene bigger and other changes.
And I've looked everywhere around on the internet for examples of the characters. Redraw the images I've found (the optimus in this page is a redraw from Don Figeuroa Beast Wars). At the moment I'm making sketches of other characters, trying things.
But I'm nothing, compared with the previous artists. And I'm nothing with a genius like Simone. Really, his coloring is magic.
So, the story continues.  :-) (Smile)

TF Cybertronians page 18 by shatteredglasscomic

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Scripts, plots and lettering: Wout Jut

Scripts, plots, ideas, editing: King Wrench

Paul Vromen :iconpiusink:
HdE :iconhde2009:
Zac De Board :iconshadowapook:

Line art:
Simon Reeves, Rui Onishi, Phil Knot, Koen Luyten, James Cox, Kei Tomoe, Mike Ackerman, Milad. H. Taleghani, Daniel Olsén, Mickael Pestel, Elmer Damaso, Hosanna Lau, Jeremy Tiongson, Dave Reynolds, Mickael Pestel
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Colors: Caroline Richard, Phil Knot, Tomoko Honda, Brandy Dixon, Kei Tomoe, Lisa Sky, Daniel Olsén, Jim Lafferty, Kyao, Simone Daraghiati,
:iconcarorichard: :iconhinomars19: :iconsakuranez: :iconbdixonarts: :icontrablosk: :iconactorzinc: :iconweremole: :iconkaryudo-ds: :iconisenbeckii: :icongwydion1982:


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